Greater Chance of Anesthesia Awareness When Using Bispectral Monitoring

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine failed to live up to researchers expectations, resulting in a greater number of definite intraoperative awareness incidence when using bispectral electroencephalogram monitoring (BIS) in comparison to standard endtidal anesthestic-agent concentration (ETAC).

We tested the hypothesis that a protocol incorporating the electroencephalogram-derived bispectral index (BIS) is superior to a protocol incorporating standard monitoring of end-tidal anesthetic-agent concentration (ETAC) for the prevention of awareness…”

“There was no difference between the groups with respect to the amount of anesthesia administered or the rate of major postoperative adverse outcomes.


The superiority of the BIS protocol was not established; contrary to expectations, fewer patients in the ETAC group than in the BIS group experienced awareness…”

Abstract available at New England Journal of Medicine

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