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CRNA Biz is dedicated to developing and providing the information necessary to educate, nurture, inform and prepare civic-minded CRNA’s for the opportunities that are presented to them or the opportunities that they create for themselves. We strive to prepare each other for the opportunities and challenges of the future. We are dedicated to the basics of the Rosenthal principle. We will work together to engage in life-long learning. We embrace the P principle of professionalism, positive information, pre-emptive education and promoting CRNA practice. Thank you, CRNA Biz




Click on the calendar to view CRNA friendly Meetings. You may need to scroll back a few months to see meetings. Not all months have meetings.  If you notice a meeting missing please feel free to contact us. We post ALL CRNA meetings. They have great opportunities and they are great companies. We encourage all CRNAs to keep their educational money in the CRNA family.



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